Sunday, November 29, 2015

4 Things to Do Before the Year Ends

We get caught up in our day to day happenings and are so set on where we’re going that  we often forget to see where we’ve been and where we stand today.

The days and weeks of January 2015 can seem distant now, but don’t ever forget what you did accomplished those days. You put away your decorated house and cleared away the bills. Those everyday things accumulate and if you actually wrote down the little, itty bitty things you have done during the year, you might surprise yourself.

      1. So before you pack away your current calendar, run your finger over each day and pat yourself on the back. Did you run your first 5km race or maybe it was a half-marathon? Did you lose the weight you wanted to be rid of? Or file away the paperwork that has been clinging to your counters? I have a friend who set a goal for the year of reading 24 books – she will be reaching that goal in the next few weeks. Congratulations!

One of the best ways to set yourself up for a new year is to get rid of stuff today. Simplify. We all have too many things
that can drift into our basements, bottom of our closets and storage spaces. It’s time to reflect on everything we put our hands on. Get rid of the “extra” cheese grater (I’m guilty of this one), ice skates you know you’ll never use again, and clothes that are too big or too small.

      2. Pass it on. There are people who will appreciate something new even if it is your something old. It is not in my too distant past when finding a “treasure” at a Thrift Shop was a true gift to me. Share, donate, sell on Kijiji, do what you can to pay it forward. You will truly make a difference in someone’s life.

The busy season that is quickly approaching is supposed to be joyful. I know some of the many reasons that you feel that it could be difficult. We have all been there at some point in our lives. It is a time to look beyond our anger/resentment/fear/pain and do our best to remain stress free.

      3. Guess what, although we all want to believe in Santa, we all know that even Santa isn’t perfect. There will rarely be a perfect dress/turkey/gift or evening event. Someone who hasn’t read this will eat too much/drink too much/give you an inappropriate present or doesn’t believe in Santa like you and I do. Breathe, relax, be mesmerized by the fireplace, eat shortbread, keep yourself healthy and center yourself in peace.

Make a plan. For the unexpected and the unplanned, then let it go and count your blessings.

      4. You made it through the year! You survived loss of job, illness, grief, cranky bosses and crying and/or teenage children. You reached some goals and have a new calendar tucked away to plot some new ones. You made new friends, learned new things, released what needed to go and made space in your life. You experienced happiness, you suffered, you laughed and you gained.

As busy as the days ahead are bound to be, take time to filter and censor. Do you need to attend this event? How will you feel the next day if you do or don't? Do you need to exchange gifts again, or will time together with friends be enough celebration? Do you need to write a hundred Christmas cards? You are in charge of you, what do you think you should do?

The past is precious, because it brought you to be who you are today. Maybe it’s just time for something new. 

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