Friday, December 11, 2015

Traditions Now

Prompt: What traditions are you instilling in your children?

First off, let’s say the days of “trying” to instill a tradition when your children are in their thirties is long gone! What is interesting however, is how those year to year repetitions become so ingrained that they are not questioned. So the ways of being and the things we as a family do each year, aren’t discussed or planned, they just happen.

An open door to come and go as you choose. Constant food and the appropriate beverage based on the time of day. Sitting around with no purpose (this one is especially difficult for a family who is constantly busy!). Time to slow down and talk, (no you don’t need to go home, grab the blankets and settle overnight in the spare room).

And then in mid-life you and the love-of-your-life combine households and you hold your breath that these strangers who are now family will also consider themselves blessed. We have each other.

We share stories, unwind, play with the grandkids new toys, yes, please make another pot of coffee, and yes, we are going to watch Love Actually again, and yes, I will cry…again.

We will introduce new members and hug the old, and add and add to tradition so that next year no one remembers who started it, everything just happens.

I'm playing along the Prompt game from BlogHer as my mind gets lost in Christmas plans, potlucks, catching up with friends, baking and eating chocolate.

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