Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Read and Enjoy - Highlights of 2015

Thank you loyal, global readers for sticking by me while I was on my self-imposed hiatus.

I feel that a heartfelt "I'm sorry for abandoning you" is due and hope that you will accept my words. I will be sharing my December journey with you over the next few weeks. Hint: Facing tough questions about time and a commitment to continue on my path as a writer.

For now, for reading, for re-reading and (please!) for sharing, my most popular posts of 2015:

How do you edit Life - when you're a writer? - ah, what better gift for a writer? Living, writing, and the difficulty of deleting because it all makes up your Life as a Writer. Every bit and piece that gets stored away for the perfect story.


Elite Feet - We don't all walk in their shoes. But we do walk in our own. We do not know the impact we have on others, because as we stride through our days we are not always aware...

Life Scramble - Life can be confusing, it is always filled with words. But when we are ready, the answers are simple. Trust.

July Create - Crazy About Canvas Frames - continuing with my 2015 Word - Create and thanks to Pinterest and Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body, I had some fun with mod podge, canvas and some photographic holiday memories.

0-59 and still going strong -
We must be the voice for each other, when our words cannot reach the surface
when the pain is too great 
when the fear is too strong
when our strength is diminished

San Francisco Suitcases
Travel Lightly,Travel Boldly - Only you will know when some small act is the tipping point and then you will go on the grandest adventure of your life. The road we are forced to take alone, is the one that will bring us our greatest rewards. As Alan Alda said “Be bold.”

and my personal favourites:

Canada Day

O Canada - celebrating Canada Day with a canoe, mountains and a road trip! Caught this photo on a ride home after a half-marathon in Vancouver, BC.


My Story - The Pencil Stub that started it All - Part 1- a little story and you can decide the ending
My Story or Yours - Part 2
Epilogue or Beginning

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