Friday, January 1, 2016

Slow - My word for 2016


My Word for this year. Not a word that comes easily to me, family will tell you that I'm not known for sitting still for long periods. My mind is jumping around although I can fool some people. Creative thoughts are bumping up against each other with uncontrolled velocity, so many projects to try.

I was not a child who was encouraged to sit and dawdle. It's a habit that sticks with me to my detriment sometimes. I can't remember the last time that (I allowed myself) to sit with a tea and read my current book until...what? Until, I was fulfilled. There always seems to be something "interesting" to switch to. And in doing this, I think I've missed a lot.

So this year I will aim to Slow. To take a breath and feel the air going into my body as my yoga teacher teaches me. To feel it reaching the tips of my toes, giving me life. I will pause and watch as the sun dips across our window and the shadow slides across the page I'm reading. I will gaze at the what is passing my window while I am stopped at the red light, and smile at the scene of the man in the jaunty hat walking his dog, who is carrying his own ball. I will stay still and capture on my camera the berries poking out of the snowdrift and the first tentative green shoots emerging in the spring.

I will be Slow but I believe that I will grow. Because I will see our world with it's noise and beauty, clear streams and taxi horns, crisp winter chills and long line-ups with different eyes.

Not me

I will pay better attention and I will be looking for you to add to my story.

Wish me luck with my word. I'm looking forward to seeing what I will discover and how it will transform the way I live.

Play along and tell me your Word and check in here to see how living my life Slow escalates my senses.

I will be Slow but I believe that I will grow. (Click to Tweet)

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