Monday, January 4, 2016

Failing Better and Better

I've just finished reading Pema Chodron's, fail fail again fail better.

It is a glorious book to start the new year. Not only is it packed full of encouragement and no-nonsense, get-to-it words of advice, it is actually kind too.

It speaks to how we feel when we are up against the waves (of change?) and building up the resiliency to make your way through them. On these pages, our emotions and how we choose to cover them, discomfort, our choices in relationships, and patience to reach our goals are also discussed.

A book that would make a good companion as we make our way through our trials, packed into a backpack as you navigate the world or sent along with your college bound child.

This is definitely a book to keep handy and to re-read again and again to make our "failing" experiences our best learning experiences. And as Ani Chodron repeats Trungpa Rinopche's words "After a while, it will begin to seem to you that the waves are getting smaller and smaller. And they won't knock you over anymore."

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