Saturday, January 9, 2016

Leap Year

We might not be as daring as this young man but how lofty are our goals for this year?

You can bet that this brave soul did not just decide one day to head to the top of the mountain and see if he could make it down (in one piece). 

I’m quite certain that he had made a plan, he’d practised, he’d trained, he had the right equipment, chose the best climate and conditions and many other important details which I know nothing about snowboarding. In other words, he did what he could to be prepared. So my question to you is, how prepared are each of us to reach the goals we’ve set for this year?

Have you done the training, have you taken steps to see your expertise grow, have you set a goal that is attainable (no one needs to feel shamed)? Because when we gather the facts and research with an expert, reward ourselves by documenting our learning and keep ourselves accountable, we WILL see progress. Yes, set a goal that excites you, it will add a spark to your life.

The first week of the new year has already slipped passed us, what have we put in place to move ourselves forward to these goals?

2016 is a Leap year, how will we use this powerful word to inspire us? This year I aim to be as brave as my friend flying through the skies and see how the leap will help me learn and grow. 

This week I can say that in spite of our bone chilling cold, I had fun and made some headway, this is my way of staying accountable to you:

Fitness – kept up on my training for the next half-marathon on my schedule
Writing – scribbled ideas to write about in my journal and have written on this blog 3 times this week
Healthy eating – allowed myself one small sweet treat each day this week, if only in order to empty the freezer
Something new – signed up to volunteer at the Calgary Public Library for the 50@150 Exhibit, I’ve never been a docent before!

The 50@150 Exhibit highlights Canadians who have had an impact on us all in celebration of Canada's 150th birthday coming up in 2017.

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