Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What's a Little Risk?

Risk is the companion of innovation.
John Adair

What’s the point of trying something new if there isn’t the potential to fail? Wouldn’t life be extremely boring if every new thing we tried, we were masters of immediately?

Ever watch the delight of a little one walking for the first time, bobbing along like a staggering seaman down a hallway? Ever seen the terrified look vanish when a child manages to keep her bike upright for the first time. They tried and failed and then tried again. They earned their success.

When did we adults forget the hard work involved in moving forward. Whether you’ve just left a painful relationship, or taken up acrylic painting, maybe you’re travelling solo for the first time this weekend, they all take practise! They all take risk. All changes take time to feel comfortable.

We are not typically a community who wants to wait. We like immediacy, we want speed, we worship FAST.

You might know that my Word for 2016, was Slow. I tried every day to Slow things down. To look around, to appreciate, to enjoy the experience of being a happy Me.. slowly. Take your time to get there, you might fail along the way but the success you earn will surely be worth more.

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