Saturday, March 26, 2016

Yoga, Comma

During my week off, I had a chance to fit in three yoga classes and keep up on my half-marathon training aside from all the other things I like to do. What I didn't anticipate is that my yoga teacher's words of "inserting a comma" could be so literal.

This new teacher of mine, moved with grace and intention. She spoke quietly but firmly and I suspect some wisdom. She talked about enjoying the movement, appreciating what our bodies give us each day, and inserting a comma.

I've had a lot of different yoga teachers, this was something new. What her words meant to me was that we don't need to stop our movement, whatever it is we might be doing, but to enjoy the process. We do not to put a full stop to it but every once in awhile it is important to stick in a comma.

So once again, maybe because I pushed too hard to enjoy every moment of my time off, my back started to ache. Whether I wanted to or not, I had to reach for a hot-pack for the sore spot!

And while I was lying on the living room floor, I realized I had my comma. Now I could appreciate the crown molding, the lighting fixtures that we've upgraded and the plant that needs some plucking.

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