Thursday, April 21, 2016

Relationship is not a Secret

The beauty of the couple. Rare, dignified, classy. Bringing that air of well-being to all they encounter. I think that they must enjoy the experience of strolling through a park or attending a book reading at the local library. 

He in his navy jacket and pressed pants. She in her flowing ankle length skirt and ballet flats. Fabric of rich substance, embroidered with swirling flowers. Her shoulder length silver hair blowing in the evening breeze.

Why do they do it? How much easier it would be to pull on your everyday clothes and just show up. But perhaps in their wisdom, they know that each day is an event, a chance to experience and share.

It made me a smile, seeing her hand tucked into the crook of his arm. Perhaps a habit they had picked up four or five decades earlier. Secure in their togetherness. Characters, complementing and shining the light on each other. He patted her hand and winked. Yes, he actually winked! What else did they have ahead in their evening I ask?

They nod towards each other and carry on their quiet conversation as they cross the street together. Slowly. Sharing the secret of what they've learned over the years with everyone who witnessed them.

So to all the folks that ask me about relationships, I say this. Go out in the world and look for these people, the ones who show you how it should be. Gather the details of what you need, BE that person first and the rest will follow. Just don’t give up if Relationship is what you truly want to learn through.

Look for someone who is willing to celebrate the world alongside you. 

And when you fall in love be sure that you like this person and that they are your friend. Because as the years go by you will want to know that you will continue to be cared for. It might be a daily phone call from your loved one as he travels on a motorcycle through winding roads. Or it might be a business trip that ends each night with a long distance goodnight lullaby whistle.

Relationship is visible. And if you are fortunate you will have someone to lean on when you cross a busy street together.

I saw it yesterday and it made me happy.


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