Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ode to a Girl Named River

Such a little girl. Her hand reaching up is totally enveloped in her Dad’s. 

They are walking as they usually do, almost every evening, just catching up on their respective days. It’s a habit he had started when she was just wee, when he would come home from work, scrub his hands clean and smile and talk to her sweet face.

He’d tell her about what happened and how she was the prettiest River he had ever seen. How she flowed through his heart every minute of every day. How he marvelled at her capacity to calm his soul and the very next day to rock his world.

And today at three, her eyes lit up as she realized that the river they walked by and she had the same name! 

She didn’t know the extent of her power yet but she would. How her name would make every person she met sigh with memories of water. How they could imagine tiny lights flying around her face, sun glinting on water, too beautiful for real words. Gentle, soothing and almighty.

For that little River and for the force she will no doubt become, here are a few of my favourite River songs for you.

He’d tell her how she was the prettiest River he had ever seen. (Click to Tweet)

Moon River - Andy Williams

Take Me To the River and Wash Me Down - Al Green

Many Rivers to Cross - Joe Cocker

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