Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Canvas Star

Have you ever just stood and looked at a piece of art? Do you notice the most obvious parts first? And then you keep looking, and you start to see the stories happening all over and in each corner.

The less in-your-face parts. The specks of orange and purple dots, sprays of colour that bring a new picture to the picture! Emphasis, startling in their surprise. Added dimension, depth that make you take notice and view the canvas differently.

In the canvas of our lives, we are at times the prime subject and often times we are merely in the shadows. The edges always support the focus, they are the frame. 

We don't need to downplay our role and wonder on the depth of our contribution. Because every dot, every stroke is needed for the full picture.

Don't fall off the canvas, someone is watching and needs you. (Click to Tweet)

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