Friday, May 27, 2016

2 - Wheel Balance

2-Wheel Balance, Victoria BC

During my walk yesterday I came across 2 youngsters trying out their bikes in a 2–wheel balance. They were  wobbly, they were unsure although they were excited about their new feat. Perhaps the training wheels had just been removed and they still needed to find their balance.

When each of us learn to balance something new into our lives, whether it is on a sport vehicle, a new job or a new course we’re taking, how do we learn? I believe that most of us need to fall before we can manoeuver with confidence, and then one day it just becomes second nature to us. We don’t have to think, our bodies and our minds just know how to do it.

Each of us have a different tipping point. Some like a page full of colour-coded events, others thrive with lots of blank spots on their calendar. Most of us out of force of habit balance and juggle like a circus clown.

We pile it on and then one day we can’t add another thing, we get a cold or a sore back and our body says “no more, give me time to adjust”. We need allow ourselves to slow down and be aware of when we are approaching this point in order to avoid it.

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