Thursday, June 9, 2016

Don't Be a Fool

 W C Fields
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I might be stubborn, but I'm older now. I've learned what is not worth trying anymore. Over the years, I've had many small fry try to teach me how to whistle. I'd spend time teaching them how to read, but nary a one could get me to produce a tune. We giggled a lot though.

We all have natural abilities that come oh so easily. Ah, to have a beautiful singing voice or be able to swing a badminton racket and actually hit something! And we sometimes just can't manage what others consider simple.

I think of my childhood friend Cathy ever so often. Cathy was the smartest kid in the class through all the grades. She played the piano like a whiz, attended a prestigious upper class university on a scholarship and eventually was tenured at an equally well known spot.

Cathy was amazing, but she couldn't drive. Her hands would sweat, she'd see cars that weren't there, she couldn't for the life of her stay within the lanes. Parallel parking needless to say was way out of her range. She never did get her driving license although she did try every few years until she was forty.

She decided one day that it just wasn't worth it, Cathy was not a fool.

So please, sit down right now and write the ten things that you are super fantastic at doing, okay maybe give yourself a break, write down just five! These are your gifts to the world, they make you YOU.

My list of five fantastic things will be different than yours. And you can bet that whistling is not on it.

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