Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Mom Handbook

Mom's Day is approaching and I'm still feeling some guilt.

I have been a Mom for a lot of years. Whether I wanted to or had no other reference points, I adopted the universal beliefs that were handed to me. Decades before the web was easily accessible, we learned about motherhood through word of mouth and action.

Like many of my generation, we did what our mother's did, because that's the way we were raised. Polite and not questioning. There might have been a stirring of doubt, but we mostly just followed the rules.

And now, what we remember most about those days, is what we did wrong. Guilt was a big part of motherhood back then, it inched into our thinking and was slow to release in spite of our best intentions.

Looking back, many rules were just silly things, nothing that would have the least consequence for the contributing adults that we've raised.

  • Your child should finish what's on their plate
  • Every child should be in bed at a pre-determined time...regardless
  • Why isn't he crawling/walking/talking or toilet trained by now?
  • You should care what your mother/neighbour/school/church thinks of your child's behaviour
  • Take it upon yourself to settle sibling squabbles when your kids are 3 or 13 or 23

And the list goes on..

So whether your child is 3 or 30, believe me life will go on. They will survive and so will you. Forgive yourself RIGHT NOW!

We are all human and are learning as we go. This is the first moment of our life that we are standing in this experience.

Today, throw away those thoughts, worries and guilt.

Throw it away and be good to yourself.

 This is the first moment of our life that we are standing in this experience. (Click to Tweet)

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