Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Iceberg Surprise

Have you ever been astounded when an old friend tells you one day something from their past that you didn’t know? Or when your company night shift cleaner turns out to be a chemist? Or what about the colleague who retires at 57 because she’s “just been careful all her life”?

Alaska Cruise
Don’t you just love that! It’s surprising to us that this person didn’t feel it was necessary to constantly advertise themselves. Some people can quietly go about their days, in their quiet ways celebrating who they are…quietly. They are not brash, they don’t shine their own spotlight, they are just plain awesome!

These people in my life teach me far more than the continuous swagger of others. They don’t broadcast what they’ve accomplished and they also don’t wallow in their challenges. They know that life without a rudder can take you into dangerous territory. 

To each of the three that I’ve mentioned above, thank you. Thank you for your 1,000 hours of volunteering. Thank you for patiently taking care of our mess each day to give your family a new, safe life. Thank you for showing me about first being happy, making a long-term plan and still travelling the world. You've all shown me a piece of how a person can be in this world.

Watch for the icebergs in your life, and learn from what they keep under the surface. That is the important piece that keeps them afloat.

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