Sunday, July 3, 2016

Confidence in Truth

Do we have an obligation to be totally honest?

I’m not talking about cruel talk regarding an unflattering outfit choice. I’m speaking of kind words for the  of an individual. I’m speaking of telling a student that do not have the marks to enter the university of their choosing, or the teenage band that practises in the garage next door to you that they just might need to be successful at something else.

When do we tell someone the truth? Perhaps we shouldn’t at 11:30pm to the musical boys next door. Our choice of words might be just a little… strained. 

Do we tell the less than literary in our adult evening class that four strung together sentences do not make for enjoyable reading. The same student who has already written 300 pages of their personal biography and is looking for a publisher? How much truth can a person handle? Are they ready for? Do they actually want?

Do we tell the office newbie that she needs to cover her dishes in the microwave? Do we share with a walking/running partner that if they just…their gait would improve? Do we tell the service rep at our bank that they need to go ask for help after they’ve struggled with a task for ten minutes? Do we interrupt two coworkers as they finish their conversation while you're waiting to be served?

Such a fine line it is, being assertive in honouring yourself and just being old-fashioned rude.

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