Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Stepping in Line at the Stampede

Here in Calgary, we are in the midst of the Calgary Stampede: it's time to buckle up, which honours our agricultural heritage and celebrates our western hospitality.

Free pancake breakfasts sponsored by local businesses, churches, community groups and organizations can be found in many parking lots. And yes, they are free. Much to the astonishment and delight of our tourists. Calgarians are a friendly bunch. You can hear more about someone's life standing in line for pancakes in a few minutes than you would know about your long-time neighbours in other big cities, or so I'm told.

And this open-hearted philosophy that most of us locals, dressed up in our western duds for these ten fun days of Stampede, wear with much pride. We stood in line politely, making small talk, sniffing our noses at the aroma of pancakes and sausages reaching us in the line-up, which now curved around the Carriage House Inn.

We are patient and we are kind, stepping forward to assist anyone holding a map and looking puzzled. We offer suggestions of where to find the best shopping, coffee, hiking trails and entertainment. We love our tourists!

There was an energetic band, let's not forget it was just 7:30am and there were line dancers. There were first timers at the breakfast and groups of seniors who brought their own folding chairs. Many of whom were then heading down to Senior's Day at the "grounds" for their annual tradition.

So whatever kind of line you are standing in this week, waiting for your free pancake breakfast or tapping your toes with fellow dancers, have a fantastic Stampede week.

We couldn't be in a better place, even if our fingers are sticky with syrup and our feet are sore.

This is not a sponsored ad from Calgary Tourism or the Stampede Board, this is just from me!
More info on the Calgary Stampede from Trip Advisor. 

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  1. Gail...The Stampede would definitely be a new experience for me. If Calgary's and Canada's politics are less bizarre than ours, I might end up staying!