Friday, July 22, 2016

The Next Read from Take a Book Leave a Book

Do you have a little book library in your neighbourhood, maybe even on your own street? Have you ever used one? What treasure have you found?

Look what I found this morning on my walk! How exciting to find something that is on your list.

You never know what surprise awaits you if you slow down and look around. Sounds so easy but we are just not used to doing this much anymore, are we. If I had a dog that insisted I slow down or a toddler who moved at the pace of "wow, look at that", maybe it would happen more often.

Do you actually see the changes as you walk? Would you notice when your neighbours have painted their front door in a vibrant orange or a new sign goes up on the corner? I wish I could say that I would, hopefully within a week anyway. How sad.

Take a Book, Leave a Book

But this book called out to me on a walk I take frequently. I wonder what words lie within it that I need to hear.

In case you are looking for this book too and you don't live in my neighbourhood.

Click to see:  Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In

What words lie within it that I need to hear? (Click to Tweet)

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