Wednesday, July 27, 2016

When Is Enough enough? 6 Simple Ideas to set you Free

Too much? Stuff.

What are you going to do about it today?

When is Enough enough? Or the bigger question, what is your enough? What are you giving up now for the day that you can enjoy what you have?

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Why do we line up our assets as though they make us who we are? Why is it crushing when these "things" are lost by an act of nature or misadventure or divorce or even in a parking lot when you drop it?

How many times do we have to purchase online because it's a fantastic never-to-be-seen again offer? Trust the Universe you will see this happen again! How many pairs of white running socks do we really need?

Do we need Netflix plus many other options to quell our boredom?

How much do we need? What personal lacking are we trying to fill?

Do you know someone who has every gizmo available? Does she fill her basement with things "just in case", what else is she hiding there? What hole is she filling?

And so I ask you, what are you willing to delete from your Life today to simplify it for the many coming days. Try giving away/donating/selling/stop doing some of these suggestions.

1. Supplies for projects that you know you will never complete - yes, someone else would love to have your candle making/painting/scrapbooking items

2. Books you bought on a whim while surfing at midnight - yes, truly ask yourself, why did I buy that? Believe me, someone is waiting for that book to reach them. And that someone will read it.

3. No one needs old technology - today my old printer is heading to recycling. It also weighs a ton and took up space under my desk. Yes folks, this does include old cracked phones, rechargers etc

4. You will never find the missing sock. It has gone to a good place. Throw out things that are sad, lonely and need repair.

5. Paper. Oh my goodness, who said that we would learn to not rely on paper copies? I've decided that they were lying to me. This week, I will continue my shredding.

6. Adult children's things. This could be a hard one so brace yourself. I held onto my son's first pair of shoes for 25 years, until he told me that he didn't want them. He couldn't remember them. Wow. Those shoes were MY memory, not his.

Check out Joshua Becker's The More of Less or go to his site Becoming Minimalist for many more helpful insights.

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