Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Simplest Question with the Hardest Answer

Please... tell me who you are and what you want. 
And if you think those are simple questions, 
keep in mind that most people live their entire lives 
without arriving at an answer.
Gary Zukav

Depending on your age, you might feel pretty darn smart today. If you're my age, I realize how little I know. Oh, of course there were years when I knew just about everything but those days are long gone.

Many things have happened since to keep me humble.

Today I pondered on how much more time I could I use. To investigate and learn, to ask questions, and some days to just do nothing (something I'm still working on). I always thought that as I got older, as my children grew up, as I became more accomplished at some things and decided that I didn't need to have a sparkling clean house, that I'd just have more time.

But I've been blessed with an intimate relationship, long-time friends, and good health and still there is much to discover and accomplish. When I wrote Painting on Walls a few years back, I was undecided on what to put on my new walls and they are still void of words.

Instead, I have taken to  immerse myself in my favourite authors (see my upcoming post on John Irving's Avenue of Mysteries), adding quotes to my blog posts and adding words to my other creative projects. I just can't get away from words!

And when I speak from the heart, when I abandon the fear of potential dismissal/annoyance of someone, I know that I'm reaching closer to the answer that Gary Zukav referred to.

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