Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Mysteries of John's mind

Oh John, you keep doing this to me. I am a true fan and follow along your bizarre and convoluted story lines. Although I do have to say, I don't recommend anyone read this, or any of your books just before someone climbs into bed. It can be oh so confusing.

I change paragraphs and then realize that you've jumped your characters forwards or backwards in time by decades. You call a main character one name and then refer to him by the shirt he's wearing. You implant that picture in my mind and then the next night I am reading, voila, I can see him quite clearly. How do you do this?

How do you put these people together? What story are they telling you that we don't know about?

How do you get away with breaking every rule and we keep coming back? You travelled me around the world, made me love some characters, cry with others and let's say...strongly dislike some. And a few, I just could not understand. (Just like real life, I guess.)

And yes, I will be waiting for your next book because reading your stories makes me realize what a calm, reasonable life I have.

Bring it on John, I'm waiting.

Because as you said "There comes a moment in every life when you must let go with your hands, with both hands."

Avenue of Mysteries
John Irving

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