Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ego, our Friend

A funny thing happens when you say the word Ego to someone. The usual immediate reaction is that Ego is a bad thing.

But ask anyone who has escaped a troubled marriage, or a bullying work environment, or suffered a training injury. They will tell you that having a healthy Ego is what saved their life.

There is a fine line between our Ego's assistance, its warning about our self-preservation and growth and that nasty, mean little voice that blinds us from our failings.You can read about Ego, our Foe? in part 3 of this series.

Huntington Beach, CA.

Let's say your long term relationship has recently broken apart. Does your Ego allow you to put on your make-up/get out of your sweats, wipe your tears and continue to en[joy] life? Did you see the Joy word hidden in there?

Does your Ego allow you to try new things and possibly "fail"? It's okay to not be good the first time out, just like my cousin in the previous post. We are all in some stage of learning. So just have fun and en[joy].

Think of the happiest people you know. Notice I didn't say most accomplished people you know?

Because the happiest folks I know do a lot of things! They are constantly attempting something, whether it be learning to swim at 60, or travelling alone for the first time after losing a partner. They take up running or painting, knitting or mechanics and everything in-between.

They have said, Thanks Ego for all you've done, but I'll take it from here.

They know that they are okay with learning to breathe into the worrisome spots and that everything worthwhile takes patience.

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