Saturday, September 10, 2016

Who's on Your Team?

Scottie Pippen
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I know that we are all unique, we only need to sit down with a few friends or colleagues to see how different we are from each other. One is a planner, one shows up late, one likes the same-old, the other can’t sit still with enthusiasm for the new adventure/project.

We need each other in order to excel at our own skills, how boring would the picnic be if no one brought the hotdogs?

We count on those around us to be predictable, to wipe our tears or to celebrate our success. We want different sorts around, one to hold our hand through our tough times and one to kick our butts when needed. Our team might not be well-known but we surround each other with our gifts, we know in our hearts who to call depending on what we need in that moment.

We may get tired of being the point person sometimes, we may feel taken advantage of, resentful or bored. That’s when your team tells you in so many ways that they are counting on you in things they cannot do.

And that makes it worthwhile.

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