Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Difficult Question

Someone turned to me today and asked me a very difficult question. It doesn’t matter if this person was 16 or 36, because we’ve all experienced what this person was going through. The question was, How do you do the right thing when you know the other person is wrong?

Difficult Question
When you are young, you still believe that making the right decision will become easier. You maybe even think that you won’t be called upon to make these decisions anymore as a grown-up. And that’s where we are wrong! People around us will often choose differently than we would, they may exercise their authority/size/strength/status to do what we consider wrong. They might feel that they have a legitimate reason/excuse and sometimes it is just to prove that they can “get away with it”.

Life is long, I said to the person who turned to me today. We will never quite know if our good example has any long term weight. We can also pretty well count on not being congratulated daily for being the bigger person. All we have is the knowledge that we did the best we could. When someone attempts to take advantage of their “larger” position, all you need to do is hold strong to who you are.

You might never get the satisfaction of seeing your offender get what they are due. We need to accept this, but not lose ourself in the experience. Patience does indeed become easier.

Because at the end of the day, all you have is yourself. Life is not for sissies! 

Doing the right thing is hard business. Many will fall by the wayside due to their own needs and fears. It can be exhausting, it can scare you into a dark corner. But where the two lines meet, you have a choice.

Doing the right thing is not easy, it takes stamina and practise. But it is leading you to higher ground where you can be proud of your behaviour. And from there you will be able to see who you need to surround yourself with and who you need to stay away from.

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