Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Lines We Draw

The Lines We Draw
We live by lines. We draw them around us unconsciously at times and then live within their bounds. We use them to compare, who is taller, who made it onto the team, who finished first (the exam, the finish line).

We use lines to keep us safe, within bounds, on the right side of the walking path. We stop at the warning barriers in front of the train. Stay behind this line…if you don’t want to fall down the cliff.

We compare ourselves. There is a line drawn by someone whom we don’t know that says “do this or else”. Ask someone who put their expenses on the wrong line of their income tax form, or stood in the wrong line waiting for service.

We even draw straight lines when combing our children’s hair or weaving locks into braids. Most people appreciate tidy, it is so predictable. We don’t allow ourselves to enjoy.

And although we all need to follow some lines that are provided, every once in a while it would be so much fun not to.

Take the long, winding road on a new Spring day. Run your usual route in the opposite direction. Wear stripes with polka dots, darn it all! Create a garden with lots of curves. Start a conversation first even though you are an introvert. Choose a book strictly because you like the cover. Say the word lollipop or balloon or hippopotamus just because it makes you smile. Say it often because it makes you happy.

Colour outside of the lines every chance you get. Use whatever kind of “paint” you want, and make sure you use fluorescent or sparkly, will you?


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