Saturday, August 5, 2017

We'll Never Be on One of Those House Hunting Shows

We'll never be on one of those house hunting shows. We are just too boring.

We don't fight. We agree about most things. We certainly wouldn't go on a show to then discover that one of us liked colonial and the other prefers shaker.

We don't expect to find our Dream Home, because as we know, Life Happens and you just have to deal with it. The years have told us to enjoy what we have because there is absolutely no sense in seeking perfection.

Courtesy Pixabay - Efraimstochter

We don't need a dining table that can hold fourteen because it's hard enough with our family to get even two of the children over at a time, never mind four. None of them have a Dream Home either by the way.

We know what we want, and if need be, we will wait for it. Our budget is not elasticized. We value comfortabe furniture  and experiences, pretty simple right? Maybe we are just of a generation that is used to waiting for things.

Oh and we don't have meltdowns due to disappointment. No, we will never be on a house hunting show, we are just not that entertaining.

Although we watch, we talk a lot to the participants! "Are you really surprised that what you want costs more than you're willing to spend?" "Being within walking distance to  the fancy coffee and dinner spots is bound to have a hefty price attached to it." "Yes, sometimes there's mildew and an unexpected bat that flies out of the attic." 

Why are so many people looking for their Dream Home?

Perhaps we already have it. Maybe instead of house hunting, we need to devote more time to understanding each other, to expect less, to enjoy our time together more. When the family comes over, it doesn't matter if someone eat at the breakfast bar or from their lap!

The Joneses are not your friend, you don't need to impress them, they don't care.

Whatever we decide to do, let's do it for ourself. If you're anything like us, maybe all you need is a cozy place to share a conversation, look out a window at the magical world, dream, make believe, work hard, pray if you are so inclined. We can do these invaluable things anywhere!

We are all connected, let's learn from those who have so much although they appear to own so little. Because until we find what makes our life meaningful from the inside there really is no point in looking for a new house.

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  1. Sadly I live in flat! I would love my 'dream' home to come into fruition! We should be content, though! Some people don't have a home!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  2. Thanks for reaching out from across the pond!For we Canadians, a "flat" sounds terribly exciting. Continue dreaming Andrew, may contentment be yours.