Thursday, April 12, 2018

Heap of Mish-Mash

Life in complicated and messy. It can really tear us apart.

I’m referring to how we manage what we are dealt with and the lives of those around us. We've learned how to pretend, hide and camouflage for the most part. We manage. Although at times, We can feel that life is dealing an unfair hand and someone is pointing a finger at us from above. Picking on us. (Tweet This)

Disabled spouse, death, concussions and depression. I know a family dealing with all this right now. And they are falling apart. Something has to give and they don’t know what. How do you hold together the strands of  “normal” when everything is a mess?

Heap of Mish-Mash

A four year old and I were recently talking about the word “tangled”. She asked me to explain, and I reached for examples that I felt that she would understand. Her hair after a bath, a knot that wouldn’t come out in her shoe lace, but still she questioned me as to what I meant.

You mean when “things are just a mish-mash?” she asked. Yes, I said.

It’s hard to explain to a little person how our lives get tangled with other people’s (ask anyone going through a divorce). How an extended family can appear to be well while sitting around a dining room table, but you still worry that night why one of yours was so quiet that day.

And then you add the mish-mash of unexpected and unwanted incidents. Oh, how they can confuse us and throw our days and dreams into a tangled pile.

Untangling these times involves focus, dedication, trust in others, patience, and self-care. It is not easy. But the day will come when the mish-mash will subside and we will be stronger and able to help someone else when it’s their turn.

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