Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Buttons and Bows

The return to work, feeling groggy and fuzzy-brained after the holidays, should not be a surprise. We've experienced early mornings (got to get to the ski hill/shopping mall sales) and late nights being social. It's no wonder that it's taken me until today (Wednesday) to start to feel more like myself. Tonight's goal - put away the remainder of the Christmas "stuff". Won't my space seem huge after the clean up is done.

If you've been as fortunate as me, after you've put away the fancy boxes and packaged the bows (for use next year), you're left facing some brand new toys. Each one with instructions in various languages, English will do, thank you. Which one do I tackle first?

Am I the only one who needs one more week of time off to read through, practise, and play to feel more comfortable with these gifts? Why are there now so many buttons, screens and dials in my life?

I am excited but cautious about the learning I will be doing.

I remember a 2-wheeler with a big red bow and a wobbly start. I have to have faith that my camera and e-book reader will ultimately become a part of me just like my bike did after a few crashes and skinned knees.

There was no such thing as helmets back then, but today at least my toys come with user manuals.

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