Monday, March 19, 2012

Let it Be

Have you ever noticed how long it takes for a kettle to boil while you are standing beside it? Does it seem terribly long to you?

When we're waiting in line for the microwave in the Staffroom, does the time seem to go especially slowly, while someone else's lunch is heating up?

Why do holidays go so fast, but the day at our desk go so slowly?

Everything is relative!

We plan, and shop and prepare a meal for what seems like ages, and then POOF! our family gobbles it down at warp speed. Airplane rides can take an eternity, but your Corona/Margarita/Wine disappear instantly. (A bad sign, best left for a later story.)

Every minute has but 60 seconds, how we spend them, is up to us.

We can tap our foot to make time pass, or "Be" in the moment and let the next one happen on its own.

Recharge by turning off the clock/music/iPod/iPad/Playbook or TV. You will hear the most incredible things.

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