Monday, September 7, 2015

August Create - oops!

Well this is how it started.        
Mixing the right Blue

and then Life happened.

And what I learned is that Life does indeed happen, and to simply enjoy the moments that come up unexpectedly. What I had planned for August would need to wait. So stay tuned.

What happened in August are these photographic memories of a month well-spent. So worth it!

Calgary Downtown Lush
Impromptu Musician
Quiet Colour, Glenmore Reservoir
The Get Away, Prince's Island

Who's on Duty?, Penticton

Surprise Red, Naramata
Not Lined Up

So if your Life does not go according to plan. Look around and see why! Perhaps, you needed a little break, a slow-down, a time to reflect and enjoy what was around you that you might not have noticed otherwise.

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