Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bubbles of Time

I was early for an appointment today and decided to sit still in the food court area to pass the time. If you are used to being in a busy mall, you will know, how being there before the area is fully illuminated, before the hustle and bustle begins for the day, before the music starts wafting into every corner, how unreal it can feel.

As I sat something caught my eye. What is this, I thought to myself. And then I realized (although vaguely) that I had seen this before. Maybe a hundred times before, but not once had I noticed the magic of it. Because we usually head to a shopping mall, strictly to accomplish (buy!) something, most of us are usually on "a mission". Very rarely do we allow ourselves time to truly look around, at anything more than the shop windows.

So today I looked. I watched how these static bubbles, just WERE. How the light caught them and magically threw them shafts of colour, how passersby gave them slight motion, how their shape appeared to change depending on how the clouds moved. And WOW! how magnificent they looked as a plane flew by in the distance.

What else have we missed, being in such a hurry? What special moments have happened that we didn't recognize or appreciate?

If we don't allow ourselves those few seconds of Pause, what else will happen right in front of our eyes that our brain will not see?

What else will happen right in front of our eyes that our brain will not see? (Click to Tweet)

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