Friday, January 15, 2016

Exposed Not Naked

I see people’s toes against beaches around the world.
Can tell what they ate for lunch and where.
Know how many kilometres they ran, how many laps they swam
And who they are dating now.
I know when their child has been successfully potty-trained,
scored their first goal or got their first “A”.
I can watch from a distance if your plane has landed
Or if you’re stuck in a small town airport because there’s
a snow blizzard, hurricane, tornado or just because there's some creep on the plane.

We can all watch as someone tries out a new yoga pose
And then manages to stand on their head for the first time
I might be able to tell from the smiley face you’ve used if you are truly happy or only pretending
And sometimes, your twitter followers get more appreciation than your Grandma.
Hashtags can show your disdain, humour or affiliation.
You can tell what I’m reading and where I’m shopping
And when I start my new job.
You can laugh and cry and cast your vote
Each time you logon
You can get so easily distracted, that you wonder if you have ADD
Or some other serious medical issue.

You say something brilliant one day, and think…
Did I read that somewhere on my screen
Or am I really just that damn smart?
And we get confused, because who said what and who told me that anyway?

But we still do it, and we usually love it
Although sometimes we hate it so much
We click “shut down” because our brain is so full
It could explode
Or are we just bored?

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