Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Slowly but Surely

A month of Slow living.

I've witnessed the smiles of strangers and the Pause in holding the door open for someone unexpectedly. The moment of surprise when someone realizes that you are doing something special just for them. Imagine, how such a small act can transform someone's face.

I've heard the tinkle of laughter when a parent bends to tie the shoelaces of a jumping child.

And the clink of wine glasses from across a patio of two who only had eyes for each other.

I watched an elderly woman dig in her pockets for spare change, pull out crumpled tissues and a worn out bus pass, but no change.

Waited to enter our downtown library and stared as an amputee sat in his shorts while the rest of us were bundled in our winterwear. He inhaled deeply from a plastic bag, that held clear fluid. What was in the bag, I think, and then weeks later I ask my young family medical expert.

I walk and see that the grass is not the usual dry, brownish yellow at this time of year. It is green! Does this mean that we will have an early Spring? I side step around the last traces of ice and hope that the gravel on the sidewalks will keep me upright. Was it last year that I fell three times? No broken bones, no ruined clothing (thank you new thick Lulu's, you are amazing).

and so it goes, observations and ahhh moments, things that I would not have noticed...before I decided to Slow down my Life.

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