Saturday, November 5, 2016

Oh How I miss the Quiet

Catching up around the water cooler is a handy social time waster. But do you really care about the long version of my “event” whatever it was? Do the stories of all the quirky people I saw at the airport while I waited for a three hour flight delay, add anything to your life?

I am nearing the finish line of my year of Slow. This year, I’ve slowed down enough to notice how people fill up their time. I know that I am outside of the norm in guarding this most important commodity. I wish I had more of it, always. I am dogged about finding a few moments to do the things that fill my soul, to give back my energy and my learning to someone who would appreciate it.

My Sweetie and I were at a wonderful musical event last week but then the evening went on and on. Great value for your money for sure, an encore that left most of the audience standing in appreciation. But, we’d had enough. Thank goodness we usually agree on our tolerance for "noise".

We needed Quiet, we needed to talk about the melodies we’d heard and the jokes that seemed unrehearsed, we’d had enough. Not many years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to recognize my need. I would no doubt have stood and cheered the playing of song after song although I had grown weary.

Last week I was able to stop. Maybe it's my age, and diminishing need to be polite. Maybe, I am finally happy being still. Slowing down has helped me find a peaceful clarity of understanding. Knowing that this was my time to give and that the musicians, regardless of how good they were had taken enough from me.

The decision was made.

Good night.

Let’s go home.

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